Champagne & Unicorns

It's not every day that I get to spoil my one and only sister, Amy Louise.  So of course, when her 25th birthday rolled around, I wanted to plan something a little sparkly and special for the queen.  After all, what girl doesn't love an intimate gathering with her best friends, champagne, cake, and an unicorn crown?!? 

Photo: Shayna Chapman
Photo: Shayna Chapman

I wouldn't be the "big sister" if I didn't get the kid a practical birthday gift! Of course I got her a bunch of silly presents, like those awesome kaleidoscope sunglasses for her to wear to music festivals, but I also got her a unicorn piggy bank. Hey, I'm trying to help the kid learn about saving money- mom and dad would be proud! 

Photo: Shayna Chapman 

This chic was so excited about her hot pink balloons, she couldn't help but laugh at the numbers...


We spent the night laughing until our stomachs hurt.

We drank champagne at her favorite little outdoor spot.

We stuffed our faces with tacos, and reminisced about the past 25 years of Amy Louise growing up. 

I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't a little sad as the night ended... after all, if Amy is 25, that means I'm seriously getting old... And that means... wrinkles, gray hair, sagging, watching what I eat, blah, blah, blah...

But, I know one thing, if the next 25 years are anything like the past ones, there will be tons of memories made, laughs to be had, and the queen reminding me that being a big sister is truly an honor. Hey Lou, 25 looks pretty damn good on you!

Photo: Shayna Chapman

What girl doesn't love a good surprise?!? It was so hard not to slip up and say something! I was low on sleep from working two weddings that weekend, but thankfully, my sister's best friend, Lauren, was able to help me out and keep Amy away while I transformed her apartment.



Want to throw your own party with your gal pals? Here are a few of the products I purchased to make this one fun!