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I'm so happy to share with you this week's #weddingwednesday couple who holds a dear place in my heart! The beautiful bride, Hannah, is a close friend of mine, and our friendship is one I will always cherish! 

Like a lot of friendships start... "I will never forget the day we met." You see, before I started on this design adventure, I was an elementary school teacher for six and a half years. When I met Hannah, I had several years of teaching under my belt, but with each new year, I was always the "newbie" (aka the youngest teacher on staff LOL! Those young teachers out there you know just what I mean!) In the fall of 2015, my title finally changed when Hannah was hired, and I remember being excited to have another young soul to collaborate with. 

As I walked down the hallway, I stopped at the new "newbie's" classroom only to find Hannah and her sweet little self amidst a zillion boxes looking slightly overwhelmed.  I knew exactly what she was feeling- at this point in my career I had moved classrooms five times and believe me- it's exhausting!  I introduced myself, gave her a cute (yet functional) desk calendar as a welcome present, and immediately knew that we were going to be great friends. 

Teacher Friends: (left to right) Brooke, Me, Elissa, + Hannah

Teacher Friends: (left to right) Brooke, Me, Elissa, + Hannah

Fast forward a couple years and a career change, and I found myself sitting across a table talking all things wedding with Hannah and her mom.  I loved seeing the twinkle of excitement that Hannah had in her eyes as she talked about Ben, her fiance, and about what she dreamed her wedding to be like.  I also knew that I wanted this day to be as special as it could possibly be for my dear friend because she definitely deserved it! 

-The First Encounter-

Growing up, my mom would always say, "Shayna, you never know where Jesus will have you meet your future husband- so be ready because God has a sense of humor!" Well friends, this is a very true statement- you never know where you might meet your knight in shinning armor... or in Hannah's case, a Jedi in green cargo pants.

The Halloween of 2014 is one that Hannah will never forget. You see when she made plans to attend this party, she had no idea that Ben, the "cute, older guy from high school" that all the girls swooned over would be attending the Halloween party as well. As Hannah walked in to the party she quickly spotted Ben, the Jedi. How could she possibly resist him (hahaha)?!?!

Hannah left the party that night giddy. Little did she know that a Facebook message from Ben was already waiting for her in her inbox at home. From that night on, Hannah knew that Jedi was the man she would marry, and since then, they've been inseparable ever since.  

The Famous Jedi | Halloween 2014

The Famous Jedi | Halloween 2014

Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017

-The Proposal-

Ladies, in case you haven't already fallen for the Jedi, you are seriously about to over his well planned proposal. On a spring day in April 2017, Ben made the biggest move of his life- and it even made headline news! You see the couple had scored tickets to the beloved Masters, and Ben arranged for them to visit the famed Butler Cabin (you know, the area where the Master's champ is interviewed right before the final round). He told Hannah that he was working a special tour and that they had to get there a little early.  Once inside they found two perfectly positioned chairs, and Hannah thought it was a great opportunity for a picture!  Suddenly, right in the middle of taking a picture, Ben stood from his chair and got down on one knee. Of course Hannah said yes, and that memory is one they will never forget! 


Ledger Inquirer | April 11, 2017

Ledger Inquirer | April 11, 2017

Masters Weekend Proposal

-The Preparation-

Wedding details came together perfectly for Hannah and in no time at all she had her venue booked! Next she was able to snag her dream floral designer, Brooke Anderson, and favorite photographer, Kayla Beckworth, and everything else fell in place. Hannah found her dream dress at Uptown Gowns, and unique bridesmaids dresses at David's Bridal, and thanks to her sweet mom (aka "the mastermind behind it all"), most of the planning was completed the first month Hannah was engaged! All Hannah had left to do was to wait for her big day!

 -The Big Day-

Wertz Warden Ceremony

The day had finally arrived, and the beautiful, fall wedding that Hannah had dreamed of only had one slight problem- the temperature had reached record lows in Georgia. Everyone was determined that cold weather was not going to stop the wedding festivities that all of us had been waiting for!

Hannah and her #bridetribe drank champagne, listened to music, and had a ball in the bridal suite, and she patiently awaited her husband to be to arrive so that she could send a little surprise his way. Shortly after the guys arrived, she had the sweetest love note delivered to Ben with his favorite donuts, and she even managed to add more to the surprise by having Riley, their dog, in on it. 

 But, in true Ben form, he had a sweet surprise of his own for his future bride.  You see, not only is Ben known as the "cutie" from his high school days, he's also known for being a man of few words, and according to Hannah, "he's never been very 'mushy, if you know what I mean..." Well Ben brought out the big guns on his wedding day and had the sweetest note delivered to Hannah that she will cherish forever.

After tons of prewedding pictures, it was time to walk down the aisle.  Did I mention it was the coldest day we had had in the south all year?!? As I opened the barn doors for the processional to start, an arctic blast blew through the barn, but it didn't stop the party from starting.  All eyes eagerly waited for Hannah to make her way down the aisle. Although there were a few #veilprobs (her beautiful cathedral veil flew away not once but twice, only to be caught by her mother-in-law... it was a priceless moment nonetheless), the ceremony, conducted by Hannah's life-long pastor, was absolutely beautiful.

Immediately following the ceremony, guests retreated inside the cozy barn and enjoyed cocktails, a delicious southern meal, and dancing.  As the night continued, Hannah and Ben joined family and friends on the dance floor. The evening concluded with a sparkling exit, and the couple left with smiles on their faces and grateful hearts because they spent the night celebrating with their favorite people.

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November 11, 2017  |  LaGrange, Georgia

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