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A little help along your way

Maybe you have your wedding almost all figured out, but you need a little bit of help or advice before your big day.  Our hourly consultation service can be used however you like! Whether you need us to review your wedding day timeline to make suggestions or amends, look at your vendor contracts, or help you find just the right vendor you are missing, we are here to help ease your wedding day jitters!

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Sarah Joy Photo

Sarah Joy Photo

Planning a wedding can be an amazing experience, but it can also be filled with lots of hard work and at times, even stressful! You might have thought everything would be fine and dandy in the beginning, but as your big day approaches you just want to focus on being relaxed, gorgeous and wedding ready!  

Hiring a Coordinator can really take the anxiety out of the last few weeks leading up to your big day, as well as allow you and your loved ones to relax and enjoy the wedding you've spent so long dreaming about. Let us worry about that vendor that arrived late, the drunk uncle, and well, you get the picture!

Katie Day Sutter Photography

Katie Day Sutter Photography


Day-of and Month-of Coordination Packages Include:

+ Planning and venue walk-through meeting about 6 weeks out from wedding date

+ Vendor communication for the month-of*

+ Creation of wedding weekend timeline and inventory checklist

+ Wedding related errand running*

+ Rehearsal and ceremony direction

+ Day-of coordination

+Inquire to learn more about these packages


Think you might need just a little more than a quick consultation or a coordinator? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!