Mawmaw's Snow Ice Cream

Snow Day in Sweet Home Alabama

Snow doesn't happen very much in the South, but when it does you have to make sure to take full advantage by spending hours outside having snowball fights, building snowmen, and documenting the entire thing by taking LOTS of pictures.  You also need to make sure to grab some clean snow before it melts away so that you can make homemade snow ice cream! While I hate to admit that I had never had this until yesterday, I must say- it was absolutely delish!

Growing up, every time it would snow, my fiance's grandmother would make enough snow ice cream to stock the freezer for him. Needless to say, our freezer is currently stocked enough for an army, but hey, with a recipe this easy who wouldn't make a ton?!? I'm happy to inform you that I've added this one to my recipe book, and if you are like me and didn't even know this existed you should too!


step 5.jpg

Snow Ice Cream


4 cups snow
1/4 cup sugar
1 cup milk
1 tsp. vanilla

step 1.jpg



Collect 4 cups of clean snow in a large mixing bowl.

step 3.jpg


Add milk, sugar, and vanilla. Stir well.

step 4..1.jpg


Enjoy! You can add sprinkles, chocolate syrup, or your favorite candy pieces if you