How to align expectations with the lead during the sale

Sales Turnover: How to Avoid

Sales Fundamentals: Why Learn the Elementary Principles? Analogy X Principles

Sales alignment

How to align expectations with the lead during the sale

Consider the following situation: you successfully complete a project for the customer, complete all planned steps, and make all stipulated deliverables. Still, the customer ends up unhappy and dissatisfied. Can you tell me what happened? Of two, one: either he expected much more from his project or he expected something completely different. That is, you just didn’t live

Sales Turnover

Sales Turnover: How to Avoid

The end of the year is coming, turnover is high, more than a third of your team has already changed in this year of 2020 and how are we going to make this not happen again in 2021? I’m André, General Manager here at Reev Academy. Come to Home Office Friday today and we’ll teach

Sales Fundamentals

Sales Fundamentals: Why Learn the Elementary Principles? Analogy X Principles

Well, I do think there’s a good framework for thinking. It is physics. You know, the sort of first principles reasoning. Generally I think there are — what I mean by that is, boil things down to their fundamental truths and reason up from there, as opposed to reasoning by analogy. Through most of our life, we get

GPCTBA C&I: The sales framework that can make or break your business GPCT Webinar : How to be Consultative and Make Accurate Diagnoses in Sales

  It is exactly to understand and be able to map all this information about the lead that we use sales frameworks. Anyone working in sales is very familiar with BANT, which stands for Budget, Authority, Needs, and Timeline. This classic qualifying sales framework guided the efforts of all sales teams for a long time, showing the

Prospecting Mistakes: A Practical Approach to the 5 Worst Mistakes

If the title of the text proposes a practical approach, I would like to talk initially about the first belief regarding acquiring new skills during any training. It will be useful to avoid mistakes in prospecting for customers. In this case, the famous popular saying: Practice leads to perfection! You must have known this term for a long time

Consulting in complex sales: myths and truths

Consultancies are essential for the development of small, medium and large companies. They perform functions that managers are unable to perform internally, whether due to lack of know-how or even time. Consultancies that aim to deliver value must be like crutches for the client. Its function is to structure, optimize and redesign processes for the company to

Market Intelligence and its application in sales

  Here on the blog we’ve already talked a lot about business intelligence and its various applications. Without it, the job of generating leads and tracking marketing and sales indicators becomes very complicated. But what we never told is the initial idea of ​​the project that led us to create the commercial intelligence position. It’s an interesting story, which

Marketing Blogs Every Salesperson Needs to Know

As a salesperson I always tried to exceed what was expected of me. I’m not just referring to goals, but also when it comes to understanding the process as a whole and its implications. It was from this objective that I started looking for more and more complementary material in relation to my area. As a

How to Engage Leads From the Start of the Show

I recently wrote an article about email marketing based on Ryan Deiss’ method called Invisible Selling Machine. What we have seen as great difficulty in marketing and sales in Brazilian companies, and also something that the book proposes, but with a focus on email marketing, is exactly the absence of a clear, structured and validated process to

Top Down and Bottom Up

Top Down and Bottom Up: What is the best sales strategy for you?

Top Down and Bottom Up: What is the best sales strategy for you? Within commercial processes there are numerous strategies that you can follow, understand and define which is the most interesting for your business model. Having a well-defined strategy, according to your market and solution, directly affects your customer acquisition cost (CAC) and, consequently,

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